Manual Entry #000015

Photo of an abstract figure, its body rests upon the floor. The image is dithered in monochrome light green.
Primary Species Shamane Ritemort
ID Number 34186141
Last Known Location 32.4279°, 53.688°
First Tagged 2011-05-09
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


The subject rarely moves during the day, it usually kneels or sits upon the ground with its limbs raised upwards. A small bowl of water shall be set before it every 72 hours for the purposes of drinking and self-grooming behavior. Its territory activates upon the presence of a recently deceased animal. The corpse will reanimate and will within a 40 - 50 meter radius, centered around the subject. This often lures predators close enough to activate the secondary, short ranged effect of the territory.

Any living being within 10 meters of the individual may experience an acute loss of bone tissue, which rematerializes outside its body. This is ordinarily used to rob predators of any bones within its stomach contents, but the effect has been used to take entire skeletal structures (ribs, femurs, pelvis). These bones are decorated, polished and maintained for the purpose of rituals and ceremonies. Any attempt to examine these implements has been met with open and extreme hostility.