Manual Entry #000014

Photo of an abstract figure, its body prone and reaching towards the viewer. The image is dithered in monochrome light green.
Primary Species Indulgence Seller
ID Number 34132668
Last Known Location 42.8808°, -8.545°
First Tagged 2013-03-05
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


She lives in-between the spaces of every catherdal confessional. Call for her on becknowned knee, anoint the index and middle finger with grime from the floor. Make the sign of the cross and close your eyes until she is beckoned. Her image will faintly fill your mind, but only if your vision remains obscured. She will breathe on the nape of your neck, asking what burden you carry. Do not speak, offer an object related to your greatest shame or guilt. Her acceptance won't cure your pain but it will be lightened, if only slightly. The air shall chill when she leaves and the sensation will jolt you awake. Those that return continously will offer greater escalating sins, be frugal and accept her single act of mercy.

We encourage personnel to refrain from practicing the aforementioned ritual due to concerns of lasting psychological impact. Therefore that document shall be withheld without prior authorization for viewership. An anonymous reporting system overseen by all managers and supervisors has been established for staff affected by exposure. We hope to use this information for continued research.