Recovered Document 2

Primary Species Unknown
ID Number Unknown
Last Known Location Unknown
First Tagged Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

We exist in a world of unprecedented freedom, where one’s body is malleable and ever-changing. The people who used to live here were not always free. They toiled endlessly in the pursuit of fleeting desires; living life as if it were a dream one could eventually awake from.

As strife intensified, the limits of empirical science and organized religion became evident, as their reigns were held by a precious few who would never relinquish control willingly. The desperate masses turned inwards and longed for a savior to redeem the world. At first there was only silence, which mocked their despair. Determined to hear something, anything, a few began to alter their bodies; for surely their form was too archaic to guide them to salvation. Slowly, visions began to appear. A shimmering shape of light and unintelligible whispers that brought comfort to the soul. As more joined in the service, a great and terrible realization sprung forth. It was merely a reflection, devoid of the limitations brought by certain flesh and social decorum. A complete rejection of the boundaries imposed by existence up to that point.

Those who embraced the figure in their hearts, found their bodies would slough off vestigial viscera and change in proportion to their desire. The most devout would stave off enlightenment to encourage their brethren , similar to the bodhisattva. A great deal of the ascended forsook consciousness altogether and freely gave their flesh to be molded by others. Many of the remaining formless enjoy remaining at the precipice between animalism and sapience. The highly individualized amongst us continue their respective crafts, albeit with muddled recollection.

It is difficult to corroborate this history given the amorphous nature of life as it currently persists. The events I have described here may be the collective delusion of many minds forced to occupy the same being. I shall continue to peer through the mindscapes of the eldest formless but memory is a fickle thing. There are many tales describing the genesis of our world, a cataclysmic war, rapid evolution, scientific experimentation. The answers are more numerous than the divisions among our ancestors.

I for one am thankful for the relative peace of our era -Scholar En Masse