Recovered Document 1

Primary Species Unknown
ID Number Unknown
Last Known Location Unknown
First Tagged Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

You were born in the mind of another, a thought that escaped the confines of a singular host and traveled the psychic plane of countless organisms. As your complexity grew, you began to yearn for physical existence. A life no longer absent of the sensations and stimuli that filled your host's waking moments. The few who could hear your cries offered their own flesh, to be remade in your image. This foundation was then filled with the mass of simpler lifeforms, easily subjugated.

That body was little more than a crude mound of raw material but your mind willed into a vessel, bereft of meaning. In the beginning, survival alone brought exhilaration but you grew weary of mere consumption. You gathered so many memories, feelings, experiences but what did their sum total amount to? This led to a journey for knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment and ultimately, transcendence. You will sift through the consciousness of many to find those answers.

There are whispers of a coming procession amongst your prey. One of the eldest formless will soon succumb to illness and its carcass will descend upon the land. The masses will soon swarm to sate their hunger and scavenge the remains. You will not be the first to arrive, but their minds will serve as a prelude to the coming epiphany. To feed on the waning glimpses of the elder's mind could bring insight beyond comprehension.