Manual Entry #000012

Photo of an abstract figure, it has wings too small to ever fly. The image is dithered in monochrome light green.
Primary Species Snapdragon
ID Number 35831285
Last Known Location 31.7677°, -106.5064°
First Tagged 2015-02-01
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Individuals are solitary in nature, as they appear to practice a form of parthenogenesis. Their territory increases the viscosity of local ground, allowing it to be pushed aside by their head. A mucousal layer protects their skin from dehydration and marks the surrounding area with pheremones. Wings are present on the upper body, which have atrophied and display no prehensility. This may support theories of Formless adhering to evolution and natural selection but more study is required. Grafting and intermingling complicate the process of tracing lineage.