Manual Entry #000011

Photo of an abstract figure, its body flowing and trailing behind. The image is dithered in monochrome light green.
Primary Species Hippocampus Kelpie
ID Number 33318934
Last Known Location 57.3229°, 4.4244°
First Tagged 2012-07-20
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Endemic to freshwater habitats in isolated regions, with slight human activity. Their territory grants limited control over water which is used to lure, stun and kill prey. As a semi-aquatic species, they have been observed to lie in wait at the shoreline, and drag any animal closeby to drown it. Humans are sometimes drawn to the water through vocal mimicry and illusions of light eminated by the territory. Most encounters are peaceful, consisting of play behavior and close observation. Individuals will travel during periods of flooding or heavy rainfall to establish dominance over more regions