Manual Entry #000010

Photo of an abstract figure, its body wrapping around like a ring. The image is dithered in monochrome light green.
Primary Species Ouroboros
ID Number 64179052
Last Known Location 18.9712°, 72.2852°
First Tagged 1998-03-02
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


This species is often found in areas where numerous Formless have died or had their bodies placed together posthumously. Despite being a single organism, each graft will compete with the other; even if it is detrimental to itself. Attempts are often made to eat one another but indirect harm is common as well. Documented examples are:

  • Attracting predators
  • Guiding the body towards danger
  • Denying accesses to resources and rest

DNA sequencing shows a rougly equal distribution; 33.3 percent for each species in the instance of 3 grafts. The territory provides itself heightened regeneration and the ability to reattach excised limbs, which will self-animate and attempt to reach the body.

Use for tesintg unknown and dangerous territories: approved