Manual Entry #000009

Photo of an abstract figure, lichen and fungi crawl over its body. The image is dithered in monochrome light green.
Primary Species Vie de Terreau
ID Number 19090343
Last Known Location 31.2001°, 29.9187°
First Tagged 2015-02-01
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


The growth of lichen and fungi on the corpse of a Formless will create the main body of an individual. Nearby wildlife will compulsively bring carrion and detritus through a variety of methods, such as:

  • Physical transport
  • Defecation
  • Regurgitation

Dead plant matter brought within the territory's radius will rapidly decompose upon being buried in soil. Spores produced by the individual may germinate into a member of the decomposed plant's species. Specialist herbivores are observed to use this effect in times of scarcity. Formless animals in particular propogate flora to graft onto themselves. The conditions are not understood, but a spore sac will eventually emerge from the main body. A dying or sickly animal will ingest the spores, and continue travelling in a single direction until expiration.