Manual Entry #000008

Photo of an abstract figure, greenery seems to cascade of its back. The image is dithered in monochrome light green.
Primary Species Mirantibus Murus
ID Number 26760823
Last Known Location 39.0742°, 21.8243°
First Tagged 2015-02-01
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Sustenance comes from a combination of suspension feeding, photosynthesis, and foraging in periods of migration. Individuals nest in familial lodges at the center of ponds, lakes, marhses and wetland areas. Significant portions of these lodges are constructed from materials shed by colony members. Their terriotry imbues the water with minerals and nutrients essential for plants, algae and aquatic microorganisms. Colonies migrate in periods of sustained drought or extreme dehabitation. Other animals will accompany them for protection and food, but predators are known to ambush these groups.