Manual Entry #000007

Photo of an abstract figure, it loosely resembles a cygnet with an enlarged head. The image is dithered in monochrome light green.
Primary Species Stellar Cygnet
ID Number 40134270
Last Known Location 45.052238°, -82.4846°
First Tagged 2011-09-11
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


These formless exhibit full neotony until finding a surrogate parent. As individuals mature, their external characteristics will change to resemble the parent(s). This can include skin color, patterning, keratin-based growths, and vestigial limbs; with the body plan remaining avian in nature. Their territory disperses and controls refractive particles capable of blinding observers. Adults will use these lights to attract mates and peform courtship displays. Females select mates based on the intricacy of performances and uniqueness of color patterns. Mothers will brood an egg clutch and rear the young for 14 days, thereupon juveniles are left to find another caretaker.