Manual Entry #000006

Photo of an abstract figure, several hands cover and caress its body. The image is dithered in monochrome light green.
Primary Species Manos O Menos
ID Number 56938705
Last Known Location 21.1619°, 86.8515°
First Tagged 2015-02-01
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


I want to caress, touch, love and hold. You will find it in the lonely suburbs or a secluded rural home. A place where tactility needs no hand to make connection. There will be thoughts of skinship not felt in years, and the longing for that sensation. There's nothing to stop you from leaving but the weakness in your heart. A shadow may linger for days or weeks to come. If I were clearer, more precise; he would reach out and steal me away. These hands will recieve you, but only if you let them.