Manual Entry #000005

Photo of an abstract brick cottage, sprouting legs for locomotion. The image is dithered in monochrome light green.
Primary Species La Maison de La Sorcière
ID Number 14349165
Last Known Location 47.8728°, 2.4133°
First Tagged 2013-05-14
Height 4.5m
Weight 135000m


Originally thought to be an abandoned cottage, Formless activity was identified shortly after entry. The fungi present throughout the buidling was an unidentified species that permeated the interior. Subsequent testing revealed a mycorrhizal network which extended to the local root system of nearby flora. Documents left by the prior occupant explain that the house requires sustenance in between periods of dormancy, The following items are acceptable as food:

  • Meat from a recently deceased animal
  • Carrion no older than 3 weeks
  • Composted food waste
  • A rope of braided hair (human preferable)

The house is capable of bipedal locomotion, with crude legs made of roots and debris. Navigation is possible through the use of a helm and pulley system, near the fireplace where offerings are dispensed. The territory conceals the home and its occupants from other Formless.

Use as forward operating base: approved