Manual Entry #000004

Photo of an abstract figure, carrying cargo tied onto its back. The image is dithered in monochrome light green.
Primary Species Amicus Optimus
ID Number 17217188
Last Known Location 38.5767°, 92.1735°
First Tagged 2016-03-07
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


The first artificial Formless, made by grafting cultivated samples onto a recently deceased canis lupus familiaris. Prior attempts succumbed to rapid tissue necrosis, but stablizing agents and the excision of affected areas proved successful. Subject displays occasional defiance but conventional training methods have prepared it for field deployment. Territory activates upon the use of a portable battery, anything within a 10 meter radius will become resistant to the negative effects of other territories.

  • Development of prosthetic limb: approved
  • Call sign "Buddy": approved
  • Field deployment : pending