Manual Entry #000003

Photo of an abstract figure, its body resembles an insect in varous stages of metamorphosis. The image is dithered in monochrome light green
Primary Species Papillon Solitaire
ID Number 25183405
Last Known Location 48.67°, 7°
First Tagged 2021-03-21
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


The organism consists of a parasitic Formless and a host (either native or foreign).Hosts are recognizeable by intense malformation with the following characteristics:

  • Inexplicable tumors or growths
  • Sudden appearence of vestigial limbs
  • Necrotic tissue
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Acute cavitation in organs or tissue.

Visual descriptions are likened to an insect undergoing several stages of metamorphosis, all at once. The parasite itself is a worm that will burrow towards the central nervous system, before becoming a cyst that controls the host with neuro-chemical compounds and by triggering immune responses.Additional sensory organs and limbs are theorized to be an attempt to compensate for the host body's loss of function. Its territory prolongs the host's life span until a suitable nesting location is found, where the body will anchor itself and become a brood sac. Predators will ingest eggs from the carrion and become infected in turn.