Manual Entry #000002

Photo of an abstract figure, its body is tall and stout; three smaller creatures cling to it. The image is dithered in monochrome light green
Primary Species Madre Del Domingo
ID Number 5284871
Last Known Location Unknown
First Tagged 2012-09-14
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Mistaken often as an apparition of a shrouded woman. The following descriptors have been used in reported sightings:

  • "Mirage like"
  • "Ethereal glow"
  • "Bloated cadaver"
  • "Porcelain skin"

Individuals are always seen with smaller Formless accompanying it. Docile in most interactions, but will exert territorial effects on those who approach its young. Subjects experience pulmonary edema, progressing into hypoxia and ulitmately death. The effect will cease upon leaving the T.B (whether or not assisted) and standard medical care may be rendered.